Selected international press coverage of my research

Fatherhood and Managerial Style: How a Male CEO’s Children Affect the Wages of His Employees, Administrative Science Quarterly 2012
(with Cristian Dezsö, and David Gaddis Ross)

  • “Pink or blue? Your pay hike tied to the gender of boss’ firstborn”, The Times of India, 08/01/2013 [Link] [PDF]
  • “Your boss’ firstborn may affect your salary: Study”, The Hindu Business Line, 08/01/2013 [Link] [PDF]
  • “Here’s What Will Happen To Your Salary If Your Male CEO Just Had A Kid”, Business Insider, 07/01/2013 (Max Nisen) [Link] [PDF]
  • “How a Male CEO’s Kids Affect His Workers’ Pay”, Wall Street Journal, 06/01/2013 (Kristina Peterson) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Social Science Palooza III”, New York Times, 10/12/2012 (David Brooks) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Bosses and fatherhood: Of corner offices and cribs”, The Economist, 24/11/2012 [Link] [PDF]

Home Sweet Home: Entrepreneurs’ Location Choices and the Performance of Their Ventures, Management Science 2012
 (with Olav Sorenson)

  • “Entrepreneurship, innovation must be taught”, Vancouver Sun, 27/11/2012 (Ian McCarthy) [Link] [PDF]
  • Radio interview with Olav Sorenson (co-author of this paper), “The best place to start up a company”, Marketplace Business (American Public Media), 15/08/2012 (Jeremy Hobson and Jeff Horwich) [Link] [MP3]
  • “What’s the Best Place in the World to Start a Company?”, Time, 14/08/2012 (Jessica Stillman) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Best Place in the World to Start a Company”, Inc., 02/08/2012 (Jessica Stillman) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Want Your Startup to Succeed? Stay Home”, Read Write Web, 01/08/2012 (Tim Devaney and Tom Stein) [Link] [PDF]
  • “For Startups, Hometown Advantage Means Higher Profits”, The Huffington Post, 31/07/2012 (Nate C. Hindman) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Something for the weekend”, Financial Times, 27/07/2012 (Linda Anderson) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Should Your Startup Stay Or Should It Go?”, Fast Company, 24/07/2012 (Shawn Graham) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Study: Startups perform better when close to home”, Wired UK, 17/07/2012 (Olivia Solon) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Startups perform better closer to home”, Upstart Business Journal, 17/07/2012 (Amora McDaniel) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Startups Fail Less and Earn More in Their Hometown, Study Reveals”, Techvibes, 17/07/2012 (Knowlton Thomas) [Link] [PDF]
  • “New study finds that startups perform better closer to home”, Venture Beat, 16/07/2012 (Christina Farr) [Link] [PDF]
  • “Start-ups Located in Founders’ Home Regions Survive Longer, Earn Higher Profits”, Yale School of Management Press Release, 16/07/2012 [Link] [PDF]

Organizational Change and Employee Stress, Management Science 2011

  • “Angst vorm Wandel”, Health@Work (Germany), 02/2012 (Christiane Paul) [PDF]
  • “Zu viel Wandel macht Mitarbeiter krank”, Handelsblatt, 28/10/2011 (Olaf Storbeck) [Link] [PDF]
  • “The reorg is stressing us out”, LifeInc. NBC Today, 10/05/2011 (Allison Linn) [Link] [PDF]
  • “More Workers Need Stress Meds After Org Changes”, The Daily Stat, Harvard Business Review, 06/05/2011 [Link] [PDF]

The Social Attachment to Place, Social Forces 2010
(with Olav Sorenson)

  • “Location Matters When Hiring for Talent”, Inc. Magazine, May 2011 (J. J. McCorvey) [Link] [PDF]

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