Tietgen Gold Medal Award 2006

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I am very much honored to receive the Tietgen Gold Medal Research Award 2006 for my Post-Doc research. The Tietgen Gold Medal is awarded to younger Post-Doc researchers, which have completed a significant degree of internationally published research within business and economics.

C. F. Tietgen was one of the great forces behind the industrial revolution in Denmark. He was behind a number of the greatest corporations at the time. Many of which still exist today, notably GN Store Nord, Danisco, Tuborg, DFDS and Burmeister & Wain.

The award is administred by the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education [Foreningen for Unge Handelsmænds Uddannelse] and its Danish Business Research Academy [Dansk Erhvervsforskningsakademi].

The Gold Medal is accompanied with 100,000 Danish Kroner (€13,500 / $16,500) to support a longer visit at an international university.

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